How to Find the Delisted Assets?




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    Hi lbank, thanks

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    When there is no ETF abnormal transaction then why was I included in abnormality and my property was withdrawn.
    Why did HCD steal assets from my account?
    Where has clearly gone in the guidelines of LBank ETF screenshot You can see the guidelines of LBank Exchange.
    HCD sir said earlier that the relevant user has reported the unusual transaction on the LBank of the user's funds, we rolled back the
    After that the account was released after withdrawing the assets from my account. and then speak At present the Competent Authority has intervened in the investigation and the account has been frezzer by withdrawing abnormal assets from the account Competent Authority has already prosecuted in the local court due to the huge amount involved in the case.
    We are suffering a lot , HCD is fruitful since 5 months but account is released after withdrawing all assets from account.
    Then we contacted Lbank customer service live we asked how to withdraw assets from my account without OTP they said password and OTP are for customer like you HCD is a part of Lbank system.
    Contacted lbank customer care many times but they keep same response again and again please contact HCD.
    Why justice is not being done, what is my fault, is it wrong to do training, or if there is a loss, inform on the LBank platform, then what is the compensation?
    To whom do we approach when LBank customer service will not respond to whom do we seek justice what is my fault why my property has been withdrawn.
    will i not get justice.

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